MIAI’s foundation is a practical story of manufacturing success in Africa. In October 2011, MIAI’s founder, Helen Hai, established a shoe factory in Ethiopia as Vice President of Huajian, a Chinese manufacturer. The company’s first African factory, Huajian successfully began exporting to US retailers within 3 months of production. Within 6 months, Helen and Huajian effectively doubled Ethiopia’s export revenue in the shoe sector. Within 2 years of production, the company employed over 3,500 Ethiopian workers producing 2 million shoes annually. As a result of this success, Huajian is currently establishing a $2 billion investment in Ethiopia’s Bole Economic Zone that aims to create 100,000 jobs for the Ethiopian people. 
In 2013, former Chief Economist of the World Bank, Justin Lin, approached Helen Hai to encourage her to develop Huajian as not just a business case, but as a development case. Since then, MIAI has benefited greatly from the support of development institutions and that support continues to grow. It was in the same year that Helen was invited by Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Hailemariam Desalegn, on his first official meeting in China. On their trip, Desalegn expressed that he admired Huajian’s contribution to Ethiopian development, however in order “to really develop Ethiopia, we need thousands of companies like Huajian.” From this conversation, the Made in Africa Initiative was in embryo. From then on, Made in Africa Initiative start to formalize its professional team specialized in Industrialization.

US Office (Washington DC)

The mission of US office in Washington DC is to strengthen the relationship with consulting force and international buyers located in America.

UK Office

The mission of UK office is to develop partnership with international development agencies and financial institutes.

Africa Office (Nigeria)

Africa office is in charge of communication with Africa governments, and provides on site support to projects in Africa.

China Head Office (Beijing)

MIAI headquartered in Beijing, China. China Office is in charge of overarch management of MIAI, and Chinese stakeholder management.

HK Office