Our Mission
Help African countries to generate quick success by attracting export-oriented light manufacturing companies.

Pillar 1: Bridging the information gap
Enlighten global investors and buyers to understand more about Africa and its potentials; 
Engage with policymakers, development agencies, businesses, communities and other key stakeholders from all over 
the world to share the vision and the approach to capturing Africa's window of opportunity to industrialize.;

Pillar 2: Connecting all the isolated dots
Advocate a mutual-benefit cooperation model among prospective investors, international buyers and African countries advantages;
Connect all the key players which currently spread over on the global supply chain together through the unique triangle collaboration;

Pillar 3: Identify the advantages and create an unique  development approach
Provide mutual  support to African countries to identify their sectors of comparative advantage;
Share the experience and lessons from the past and create an appropriate development approach to achieve sustainable growth;

Pillar 4: Build a successful prototype 
Work out a practical approach by generating quick success with industry leaders;
Attract global investors with sector knowhows to conduct field study and facilitate early stage investment negotiation with local government;
Identify policy constraints through the first mover’s operation and assist the government on further improvement to attract more investment;