Our Approach
Deal with the main challenges facing Africa
A close and stable partnership with move-in-ready infrastructure is the fundamental of getting good investment.
If African countries wants more manufacturers, there are many of them looking for new homes but not at any price. So, what needs to be done:

• Be an investor-friendly Government;
• Build the hard infrastructure that investors need;
• Simplify the business-environment;
• Train your workforce;
• Build up international buyers’ confidence on Africa manufacturing - on-time and quality consistency;
The Made in Africa Initiative is the first to propose the ‘Triangle Cooperation Concept’ which aligns Africa governments with Western buyers as well as Asian manufacturing know-how at OECD DAC(Development Assistance Committee) conference in 2013.

Develop a Pragmatic Approach 
Our Approach is practical and hands-on, we will work together with government seniors through the entire process until we are comfortable that there is a genuine desire for change. Specifically, we will:

• Bridge the information gap by engaging policy makers, business communities and key stakeholders all over the world;
• Apply our ”Triangle Cooperation Concept “by linking potential investors, retailers and governments:
• Identify the comparative advantage and a focused Investment promotion approach:
• Bring potential investors to early-stage investment negotiation with the government:
• Identify policy constraints