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Rwanda case

From "Made in China" to "Made in Rwanda" --Industrialization for job creation and poverty reduction in Rwanda

Industrialization for job creation and poverty reduction in Africa- case from Rwanda

C&H Garments has a seven-year history of successful garment production in Kenya. With facilitation from Made in Africa Initiative, C&H is expanding its capacity to Rwanda. This will allow the company to increase volumes and offer more competitive prices for leading global retailers. 

The company's ability to service the needs of its clients is derived from a combination of highly trained and cost effective African workers, AGOA and EBA duty free market access to the US and EU markets and a highly experienced management team led by its principal shareholder Candy Ma.

"After only a few weeks I have been impressed by the speed at which our new workers are developing their skills. Already they are capable of producing the quality required for international markets. In this respect Rwanda is remarkable. Our team is energetic, disciplined and keen to learn and to earn a decent living. We are delighted to help them achieve their goals," said Candy MA, CEO of C&H.

C&H trained 300 young Rwandan workers who will over time form the core management team of our factory. Among them, 65% are women.

The Rwandan factory is based in the KIGALI SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE and will develop in two phases: phase 1 created a 1500m2 training centre; phase 2 will create an 11000m2 workshop. Both phases are receiving support from the Government of Rwanda. By May 2015 C&H Rwanda has already had the capacity to produce 15,000 DZ polo¡¯s per month.

From Made in Africa Initiative's perspective, it is promising to partner with Rwanda to exploit new market and production opportunities for cost effective, high quality garment production that will create sustainable job opportunities for young Rwandans. The success of C&H Garments has proved that manufacturing in landlocked country, such as Rwanda, is probable.